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Trauma therapy
Neuroses, anxiety, panic attacks, depression. Borderline disorders.

Losses, death of a dear one. Crises, war-related psychic trauma, PTSD.

Supporting psychotherapy for those who are on psychopharmacotherapy.

Tatyana Stanislavskaya

Psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, sexologist
20+ years of experience in dealing with traumas, crises, and clinical cases. My education and background lie in human drama and mental health. I provide one-off consultations, accept clients for long term therapy.

Today, there is more professional arguments: I remained in Kyiv during the war in Ukraine, working with survivors. I invite you to find out more about the War Psychotrauma Institute and my author's course for psychologists "War Won't Write Off".
How is psychoanalysis related to psychiatry?
Why do I, a psychoanalyst, talk about mental health?
The School of Freudian psychoanalysis is the most clinical-oriented branch of psychology. Freud was a psychiatrist and professor of medicine. He was also an honorary member of the European Societies of Psychiatry/Neurology and the American Psychiatric Association.

Freud interned with the great psychiatrists and studied the brain in psychiatric clinics, hence his discoveries in the treatment of neuroses and psychopathologies.

Nowadays, psychoanalysis is included in psychiatric training programs at universities around the world as a therapeutic tool for working with mental disorders. Both with and without using psycho pharma.

Another reason is that besides specialized education, I
constantly upgrade my qualifications in the field of trauma therapy and psychiatry.
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+380 67 95 92 911 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Individual Enterpreneur Physical Person
Stanislavskaya Tatyana Alekseevna

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