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Trauma therapy
Neuroses, anxiety, panic attacks, depression. Borderline disorders.

Losses, death of a dear one. Crises, war-related psychic trauma, PTSD.

Supporting psychotherapy for those who are on psychopharmacotherapy.

Tatyana Stanislavskaya

Psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, sexologist
I work with traumas, crises, borderline clinical cases. My education and background lie within the area of human drama and mental health.

These days, I got even more professional reasons: I chose to stay in Kyiv during the war, where I am living through the war and working with its victims on a daily basis. If you are ready to help them, you can do it via PayPal.

I offer one-time consultations, and I invite clients into long- term therapy. I initiate the projects enabling even my English-speaking clients to keep in touch with me.
how to start?
Start with what matters most
Take your decision
When you have no forces left to handle your problems on your own, you'd better seek some help. Assuming that you are not the almighty one, is what spiritually strong persons do.
Let me introduce myself
I keep blogs where I write about life and work, I talk with people and answer questions. You can get an insight of how I see people and look at the world.

Feel free to reach out to me by any means of your preference. We will make time and fix an appointment.
We do work!
We can do the talking both online, in any video messenger, and in person, in my psychoanalysis consulting room in Kyiv.
The result
Nobody will ever predict the exact date of when the changes in your life will start. This depends on your degree of traumatization, the level of your psyche functioning, its resources and psychic defence mechanisms. Will you allow yourself into the changes, and in which way will you experience the discomfort and the inevitable setbacks? It is also important to see how our working alliance will unfold.
Ask me any questions:
+380 67 95 92 911 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Individual Enterpreneur Physical Person
Stanislavskaya Tatyana Alekseevna

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