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for the english-speaking clients
"War-Related Psychic Trauma",
the project I launched at times of war in Kyiv
Psychoanalysis calls for an extremely sensitive treatment of speech. Slips of tongue, "random" metaphors, the usage of rare words and local dialects refer to the important nuances of the client's therapeutic environment. Therefore, I only conduct individual therapy in the Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Yet, if you are an English-speaking client, we still can keep in touch.
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This is my English-language blog about the war-related PTSD and the crisis-related psychological help. Here, I publish excerpts from the book that I am writing. My permanent subscribers get merchandized gifts from me. Moreover, we are making a cool volunteer-based project aimed to help the women and children in Ukraine.
Why Poppies?
This is my metaphor of war: burnt soil sprinkled with scarlet blood. With life growing out of it. With the sun rising above it.

Poppies became the leitmotif for the cover of the book "War-Related Psychic Trauma", the design for this blog, and the merch.

As to the merch, I selected a Hoodie, a T-shirt, a Long Sleeve Shirt and an Organic Tote Bag. All are in black. Manufacturing and delivery is by Patreon. The price is included for both the items and the delivery. These are the gifts for the Level of Support 3. They do not need to be purchased separately.
Tatyana Stanislavskaya
psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, sexologist
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