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Get your plush Bunny for helping women and children in Ukraine
The Bunny's Story
My daughter Sasha is courageously living through the war by my side. When the missile strikes on Kyiv were at its peak, she drew a Bunny and declared it to be the anti-depressant that everybody needs
Sasha is passing her greetings to you. She is on this picture together with the Bunny

Unique Therapeutic Qualities

Our Bunny was designed and sewn during the war in Ukraine; yet, you can feel much optimism and support about it. If you hug it at least once, you will never be able to part your ways
Special Hearing Ability
You can insert notes with your hand-written wishes into the Bunny's left ear.
This bunny is completely different to its perfect brethren who are sold in shops. He is able to feel for other people's sufferings. He is empathic, because he has felt first hand what a war is like.
In-Touch Capabilities
The Bunny is made with the softest plush fabric, so hugging it, and wiping your wet eyes with it, is all but body-based therapy.
Born in the Kind Hands
Lena Lystopad is the woman who sew the Bunny. In the city of Kharkiv, under missile strikes. Lena has a small son, so we will share part of the donations to her. Lena's profile in Instagram is here:
I forward your donations to the women and children who suffered from the war. Due to my profession, I deal with them on a daily basis, so my help is targeted, and it goes from hands to hands
What does the Bunny look like
Getting the Bunny is very easy
I will send it to you by post office, as a sign of gratitude. All you need to do is make a donation via PayPal or subscribe to my blog "War-Related Psychic Trauma" on Patreon
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from €200
This volunteering idea is part of my project "War-Related Psychic Trauma". If we are not acquainted yet, you have the chance to meet me, my profession and other projects.
Ask me any questions:
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