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War Won't Write Off
36 webinars on mental health
during military actions and terrorist attacks in Ukraine
3 months

During December, January, and February,
the three coldest months of the year, we
will study, communicate, and read. And, of course, we will work.
3 days a month

Webinars will be held three Sundays a
month. For the rest of the time we will
have intervisions in our private Telegram
3 modules

The course consists of 3 modules: "War Traumas", "Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology", and "Transgenerational Trauma".

Author's Course For Psychologists

Greetings. My name is Tatiana Stanislavskaya, and I am the author of the training course for psychologists "War Won't Write Off".

It is based on my knowledge and years of experience as a trauma therapist, as well as case studies of victims exposed to missile attacks in Kyiv.

Indeed, the branches of military, clinical, and transgenerational psychology are gaining particular relevance right now. But once the war is over, they will matter even more.

You can take my course or seek knowledge from other sources. But trust me, you will definitely need it. These are the times.
You will appreciate the "War Won't Write Off" course if:
you spent much time and money learning to become a professional psychologist, but now you lack new knowledge concerning military, clinical, and transgenerational psychology
You got clients requesting something that you don't know how to cope with.
You feel trapped in a professional vacuum: few colleagues understand how to work in the current conditions.
You have been affected by the war and all your previous knowledge seems to have lost its significance, while you need to keep practicing.
You are confused about concepts and terms. For example, you confuse "PTSD" with "combat mental trauma" or "combat stress".
You have no time or great financial resources to get another higher education.
You lack relevant literature - there are not enough books with high-quality Ukrainian translations, while access to the books in Russian is limited.
Before the war you loved your profession very much, but now you are confused and feel helpless.
You are one of those specialists who is constantly learning and growing professionally.

"War Won't Write Off" Course Program

War | Clinical Findings | Transgeneration
Module 1. War Traumas
Module 2. Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology
Module 3. Transgenerational trauma
72 hours

of relevant topics based on client requests
13 weeks

of intervisions and professional communication
30+ books

on webinar subjects, from my personal library

Each webinar contains 40+ author's slides

I create slides personally, laying out the webinar material into logical and simple blocks. I try to make the complex things as easy to understand as possible. Many illustrations and diagrams I draw on my own, while others I find in the public domain or buy in photo stocks. The main principle is aesthetics and clarity.
For example, this are 47 slides of the Neurophysiology of Shocks webinar

My offers to English-speaking participants

You can buy the recorded course lectures interpreted into English
1 lecture interpreted into English
Any of the lectures, 1.5-2 hours long
18 lectures interpreted into English
You can choose the lectures on the subjects that interest you most
36 lectures interpreted into English
Full package of lectures of the "War Won't Write Off" course
1 260
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You can pay for participation online.
Credit card Visa / Mastercard, via Privat24 or LiqPay international payment system.

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Before making payment, please read the CLAUSE REGARDING THE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION.
Yes, I plan to record a video of each webinar of the course. Over time, I will record a test example and post it, so you can see the quality. I must admit that nowadays it is not easy to have studio conditions, there is a war in my country, and I work using a smartphone.

Nevertheless, so far all the attendees of my previous webinars did not complain about the video or sound quality.
Feel free to contact me for any questions:
+380 67 95 92 911 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
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